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The moved panel with the indicators of B.Williams, for strategy Trading chaos. It shows a direction of indicators AO, AC, and MACD.

The indicator:
The given Information indicator is devoted to all fans of theories and Bill Williams’s methods.

The indicator will help all those who only has started studying theories

B.W. For the best visualization of process of the analysis of the schedule, on a method of the author.

And also helps to save so valuable workspace of the schedule.

The panels:
Actually, I publish this panel more as an example of creation of the information panel, static and moved. Also it is the example of visual switching of options without a call out of a window of parameters.

Williams_Inds.mq4 – represents a code of the panel moved in manual on the schedule .

Williams_IndsS.mq4 – the static panel with preliminary setting of position.

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