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Button to change the timeframe, or to put it in auto mode.
Button + and – to change the lot size, you can use “P” and “M” shortcut to change lot size.
Line 1 : Lot Size / countdown of the current candle / the price at the mouse position.
Line 2 : Pip value in your currency / Atr / Swap Buy / Swap Sell.
Line 3 : Average pips in the last 20 period of the timeframe choose / the same information but in money.
Line 4 : Same thing but in the last 10 period.
Line 5 : Same thing but in the last 5 period.
Line 6 : Same thing in the actual candle.
Line 7 : Spread in Pips / the percentage of spread over the average 5 period / spread in your currency.
Line 8 : When you click on the chart you can have in your currency the value between the actual price and the mouse click / idem in Pips / the mouse click price.
Line 9 : When you move the mouse, you can have the number of pips between Open and Close of a candle / the Pips between High and Low of the candle / the datetime of the candle.
In options:
You can activate the range of the period choose.
You can activate the Estimated Time of Arrival of your take profit.

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