Temporary Fair Value

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Temporary Fair Value

Where is the herd of Bulls and Bears within the candle? A candle does not show where most of the activity has been during the candle’s timeframe. TFV does.

TFV shows with 1 dot where the trenches are. TFV shows the core of each candle: the Fair Price.

Parameters are:

Exponential – if set to 1, every tick weighs equal, if set to 2 (or higher), the most recent tick weighs double (or more), to emphasize the most recent price positions.
WingDing – the dot.

It can be used by robots that act OnTick, to avoid unwanted actions on a single and non-signifcant spike.
Indicator for Temporary Fair Value.
Straight or near straight TFV-lines reveal support and resistance lines.
More reliable indicator for a swing high or swing low.

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