Session Open H-Line

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Session Open H-Line

Draws a Horizontal Line at Session Open: On the hour (09:00, 15:00 etc) or any minute past the hour (9:30, 18:47 etc)

Daily_Open_Line mod-x is a modification of the Daily_Open_Line indicator – Original Author: Midnite

The original indicator has input for a start time on the hour (9:00, 11:00, 15:00 etc) but not past the hour (09:30, 15:15 etc). See here for original indicator.

Unable to find a version accommodating a start time past the hour, rather than reinvent the wheel, I have added some edits.


Added the ability to input minutes and set the start time at any minute past the hour (9:30, 10:42, 14:56 etc).
Added input limits – hours to 23 or less and minutes to 59 or less.
The usual parameters of line color, thickness & style apply.

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