Mouteki-Demark trend new

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Mouteki-Demark trend new

Another Demark indicator.

Input Parameters:

extern int showBars=200; // if showBars= 0 so the indicator will be shown for all the chart
extern int LevDP=2; // Demar Pint Levels; 2 = central bar will be higher (lower) then 2 bars on the left side
and 2 bars on the right one.
extern int qSteps=1; // number of steps/ no more than 3
extern int BackStep=0; // number of staps back
extern int startBar=0; // ifstartBar=0 so we have recommendation for the current bar, if 1 – for possible next bar
extern bool TrendLine=true; // false = no trend lines
extern bool HorizontLine=true; // true = break levels
extern bool ChannelLine=false; // true = channels which is parallel with trend lines
extern bool TakeLines=true; // true = take profit lines
extern bool Comments=true; // true = comments
extern int Trend=0; // 1 = for UpTrendLines only, -1 = for DownTrendLines only, 0 = for all TrendLines

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