FX5 Divergence V2.0

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FX5 Divergence V2.0

//| FX5_Divergence_V2.0.mq4 | … //| Custom indicator deinitialization function | …
FX5 Divergence V2.0 indicator FX5 Divergence v1.5 indicator FX5 Divergence v1.1 indicator FX5 Divergence V2.1 indicator FX5 Divergence indicator FX 5 Neely Elliot …
FX5_Divergence_V2.0.mq4 (12.2 Kb) View FX5_Divergence_v1.5.mq4 (14.6 Kb) View … relatively early signals compared to those given by moving average indicators.
hello I’m using 5 indicators to predicate the future of the charts, specialy it … FX5_Divergence_V2.0.mq4 (12.2 KB, 353 views) i-5days.mq4 (4.0 KB, 314 views)

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