Constant Range Detector

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Constant Range Detector

Indicator: Constant Range Size

Detects and displays the fixed size of the Constant Range.
Fast and easy identification of chart parameters facilitates trading efficiency.
Note: This indicator is intended for use with Constant Range (Synthetic) Bars/Candles, not Standard Bars/Candles.

Constant Range Candles and Charts are also referred to as Range Bars (RB) and Range Bar Charts.
Constant Range Bars/Candles all have the same fixed range value from high to low.
Note for newbies: A Constant Range offline charts is generated from a Scripts, or Indicators, or Expert Advisor running on a M1 chart.
Abundant additional information is available on the internet.
Constant Range size calculation: High – Low.

Gold. M2(offline): 1234.9 – 1232.4 = 2.5

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