Condition Scanner

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Condition Scanner

Condition Scanner (cs)
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The idea behind the attached chunks of code is this:
You dream up a (set of) condition(s). You write code to test for your conditions. You embed your code within these chunks of code. You make a couple of easy mods.
You end up with a couple of indicators. One will point out historically on the current chart where your conditions arose. The other will show on a panel whether, for all of the instruments and timeframes in which you are interested, the conditions have currently arisen. This saves you from having to manually scan pairs and timeframes looking for your conditions.
To install:
Copy the contents of the four folders (Indicators, Include, Templates, Profiles) into the equivalent folders of your installation. There is nothing in there to hurt you – only indicators, etc.
Exit and re-enter the MetaQuotes program.
To demonstrate what the scanner can do:
This example is based on Power Pro (setup identifier = “PP”) which was being pushed around the traps by Russ Horn. It is a band break-out strategy where the upper band limit is an ema of highs and the lower limit is an ema of lows. There is absolutely no endorsement of these strategies by me – this is purely as example of what you can develop.
On your system, change to profile cspp. This could take several seconds for the first display but doesn’t use much computer resource thereafter.

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